Am I losing fat or water?

A common question I get is “Am I losing fat or water?” which I answer in this podcast.

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5 comments on “Am I losing fat or water?
  1. avatar vicki Knowles says:

    Thanks for this information you have explained it very well. Water or fat it’s all weight loss.

    Zoe, I’m going on my first caribean cruise in a couple of weeks a bit worried about my diet as all the food is inclusive any tips so I don’t go overboard (lol) x

    Best Wishes

    Vicki Knowles

  2. avatar Mike D says:

    Hello Andy,
    I have copies of the Harcombe Diet for men and Harcombe Recipe Book. I am pleased with my weight loss but particularly how much my stomach has calmed down and pain gone. I feel much better. Thanks very much.
    Do you have a list of products that are “Harcombe” Diet friendly?. I do not understand a lot of the nutritional information provided by many products and I am hoping that you can provide help on this. One in particular that I am hoping is OK is Krisprolls Wholegrain (Swedish) toast. I find these nice and hopefully good for use as a snack.
    Thank you in anticipation of your help.

  3. avatar Lesley says:

    Hi, I am a new member and have just completed phase 1..well actually have stayed on it and am now starting day nine. I HAVE followed the book to th ‘T’ and was slightly dissapointed to have only lost 411b…is this a reasonable loss???? My friend who is MUCH smaller than me and who has far less to loose than me had lost 911bs by now….frustrating

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