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  1. avatar Fiona Farren

    Very lucid. I would like to be able to download this with the slides to send to my husband. He tries so hard to be supportive, yet stressed when I didn’t buy the lean mince today at the supermarket! When a person has been married to a yoyo dieter for the thirty years of marriage he is understandably cautious about The Harcombe Diet.
    The voice is one of reason and logic. Thank you. Makes sense to me.
    Maybe it could be put into a pdf?

    • avatar Andy

      Hi Fiona,
      I’ve added the links for downloading the audio file and, also uploaded a pdf of the slides. Hope your hubby enjoys it.

  2. avatar dub


  3. avatar fi

    Fantastic! I can think of 20 people I want to send this to… and nobody who wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand in the first five minutes. People are so brainwashed by false dietary advice. So you are doing the right thing – teach it to young people while they are still open to learning.

    I started a low carb diet after buying one of Zoe’s books in the airport last October. I have lost 7 kilos (not a lot in 5 months, but I am 51 years old, and insulin-resistant, which makes weight loss harder). But my general health has improved a lot.

    Thanks Zoe. You (and Gary Taubes) have improved my life and taught me valuable lessons for the rest of it.