Service Station Upselling Alert

On a recent car journey, we needed to stop at a motorway service station for a comfort break and we called in the shop for a newspaper and bottle of water.

After collecting the items we wanted, we had to walk past two isles of complete and utter junk (see the pic) to get to the checkout where the assistant tried to ‘upsell’ us even more sugary junk.

On a similar point, we noticed at Bristol airport that that WH Smith bookshop had swopped some valuable book shelf space for sugary snacks and confectionery.

Britain is often referred to as the ‘snackfood nation of Europe’. With temptations like these and continuous upsell’s, it’s little wonder we’re a nation battling with our weight and health…

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4 comments on “Service Station Upselling Alert
  1. avatar Lesley says:

    I totally agree with this, as I visited service stations at the weekend and found temptation at ever turn.

    I entered M&S hoping I would find a decent salad with meat/egg suitable for THD. Alas even in M&S not much was without mayo and dressings, pasta and couscous. I settled on a plain bowl of salad for which I paid £2.45 !!!

    There seriously needs to be a change in our ways.

  2. avatar Emma Voysey says:

    In Brussels at the weekend was no better! I went into a min market to try & find SOMETHING to eat; even fruit. The ONLY item in the whole shop which was ok, was a bottle of water! So I bought 3. I live in France & it’s just as unhealthy here. Every meal has masses of white bread. Wine. Chips. fried stuff. Fast foods. Loads of sugar. If anyone ever tries to tell you the french are slim bc they are healthy, they are talking guff. And they aren’t slim anymore either.

    • avatar Caroline Vidican says:

      I live in France, and I agree with Emma above. Food (and people) in France is getting more and more like the food in anglo-saxon countries. Although a lot of effort is made by a minority of the population to eat healthily, to go and fetch fresh veg from the farm, and to use organic markets and supermarkets, the majority of the nation just eats its way through junk. And of course the economic crisis does not help this, as the poorer you are, the worse you eat. The lady in New York who has written a book about French women being slim has only had success because she herself is relatively slim, because she is in New York and not Paris, so that most of her readers cannot see the reality of the French for themselves.

  3. avatar Angie says:

    I live in Canada, and it is unbelievable the amount of “junk” we have. The worst is when they try to make the junk “healthier” by adding a bunch of artificial ingredients or “100 calorie packs”.

    The other day I was shopping, and they even are starting to sell candy bars and candy in a clothing store for young teenage girls .

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