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The Club Resource Centre is accessible to all subscribing members and has over 500 (and growing) FAQ’s, members’ questions, research papers, videos, podcasts and “Diet & Health Today” articles … all in one place with a great search facility.

Every Diet Tip, FAQ, Video, article etc that we do will be posted in the relevant section on the club site for subscribing members only. The search facility will let you look for everything on yoghurt, or cholesterol, as examples and you will be able to see if the mention comes in an FAQ, a discussion post, an article and so on – so that you can see what may be best able to help you first.

The Club Resource Centre will be the definitive library for any information you may need about The Harcombe Diet® and will contain some very useful and interesting nutrition and healthy eating generally. You can continually learn new things about food and dietary advice, as some wonderful fans are already discovering. We also have a great sharing philosophy as we continue to inform and stretch each other’s learning and development.

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