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More than anything in the world people want to be slim. As health and fitness professionals, you know that what people eat is the secret to achieving and maintaining weight loss – Your clients cannot exercise away a bad diet.

So – you want a diet that will work for your clients. One that will give them energy – not leave them too hungry to work out. One that will achieve quick results, but also long term success and, most importantly, one that will maintain weight loss. You want to be recommending something healthy, not faddy. You want your clients to see the common sense in what you are advising. You want to be able to ease traditional dieters away from processed ‘food’ to real food without them panicking that there’s no calorie label to count. You want to be associated with a great brand – one totally free from influence and sponsorship, based on evidence that you know will work.

Here it is! In response to requests from health and fitness professionals, we’ve developed The Harcombe Diet® PRO Plan. This is a diet and nutrition support program for you to use alongside your current client activities. It is designed to help you to help your clients to lose weight and gain health, while you and your clients develop evidence based nutritional knowledge.

Joining The Harcombe Diet® PRO Plan makes you an official associate of The Harcombe Diet® so that you can run individual sessions with your clients.

Registration is quick and simple. Click on the ‘Register Today’  link on the right and follow the instructions to upgrade your account, selecting the appropriate PRO Plan option. You’ll then start receiving the materials and nutritional guides to enhance your knowledge and help your clients. Here’s what is available to you the minute you join The Harcombe Diet® PRO Plan:

Key Plan Features:

– Most diet & fitness franchises cost thousands, if not tens of thousands, of pounds to join. You can be an official Harcombe Diet associate for only £29.95/mth – the price of a monthly gym membership (less when you sign up for a year).
– You will be able to run commercial classes and client sessions based on The Harcombe Diet® brand and with supporting materials provided.
– You will have a nutritional programme to complement your health and fitness activities.
– You will receive original, evidence based updates regularly from the founder of The Harcombe Diet®:

  •  Media Updates;
  •  Fact sheets;
  •  Newsletters;
  •  Special topic articles (e.g. dairy, cholesterol, dietary fat);
  •  Special reports; (Download sample on Intermittent Fasting)
  •  Diet & Health Today (our monthly club magazine); Podcasts and Videos; and access to our content library with over 600 publications and constantly growing.

– Unlimited access to our PRO Plan forum, to discuss diet and nutrition issues with other health and fitness professionals.
– You can get The Harcombe Diet® books, DVD’s and other products at great discounts.

There really is nothing this flexible, this personal, this effective and at such great value out there.

Sign up Today and get instant access to club features.




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